The smart way out of the crisis with the I4.0 starter package Clouver SmartKit

At this time, many companies are in the process of reorientation and planning for the future. They see the crisis as an opportunity to advance digitization (VDMA, 2020) and to use new business models, e.g. based on the IoT, to get out of the crisis unscathed (Microsoft, 2020). However, they often have to maintain liquidity and save costs at the same time.

The SmartKit is an addition to ProCom’s Industry 4.0 platform “Clouver”, which enables a quick return on investment, usually within a few months. Using intelligent sensor technology, important data of your machines – whether old or ultra-modern – can be quickly determined with minimal installation effort. The machine operator can manually refine this data via touch panel, for example by selecting reasons for downtimes. In Clouver, users can then find a live digital image of their production, visually prepared in individually designed dashboards. The first measures for production optimization can then often be initiated immediately, so that they quickly benefit from higher productivity. In this way, the modest initial investment is quickly returned. After that, more profit remains and at the same time the first step is taken into the IIoT world of tomorrow.

Users of Clouver…

… identify hidden costs

… maximize productivity and plant efficiency

… always have their key figures in view and can react faster


This is made possible by professional applications like:

  • Productivity, real-time and bottleneck analysis
  • Remote diagnostics, early warning systems and alarms
  • Error statistics and reasons for downtime
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Benchmarking and production planning
  • Automated production contronlling 24/7

” ‘The more digital the industrial companies are, the faster they will recover from the consequences of the shutdown’. (Berg, 2020) 94 percent [of companies] see Industry 4.0 as the prerequisite for maintaining the competitiveness of German industry. ” (Bitkom, 2020)