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Waterjet Cutting

Your waterjet cutting solution for high productivity and
value stability

Each cutting process opens up a range of specific advantages and economic opportunities. Only full control of this technology allows optimizing the advantages and opportunities.

In waterjet cutting, securing cutting edge quality is the key factor. In addition to this, erosive wash-outs at the bottom side of the material have to be avoided. Another primary goal is maximizing the cutting speed, which is relatively slow compared to other technologies.

The waterjet cutting technology’s big advantage is that heat is not penetrating the material. With this technology, you can process a great variety of materials and a high range of material thickness.

As an expert for control systems for many years, ProCom provides professional support with all kinds of ground-breaking automation solutions. In cooperation with its clients, developers and a team of researchers, ProCom works for technological progress. We are known for customized solutions and short-cuts, no matter how complex your application may be. For further information about  CNC300 Hardware click here.

ProCom offers the following functions:

  • Application of clean or abrasive waterjet
  • Waterjet specific corner and radius processing
  • Alternative cut-in forms and strategies
  • Abrasive measuring through adjustable parameters
  • Interstice compensation
  • Diagonal cut compensation
  • Phase shift with freely definable angle crossovers (5-axis)
  • Multiple cutting head operation (e.g. 6 cutting heads)
  • Manual cutting
  • Fully-automized and graphically interactive restart
  • Graphically interactive determination of starting points
  • Dry-run-mode to accelerate trial run without water-jet
  • ergoCAM integration 
  • Job-order-costing 
  • Administration of material parameters

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