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Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting allows the highest cutting speeds

Each cutting process opens up a range of specific advantages and new economic opportunities. Only full control of this technology allows optimizing the advantages and opportunities.

Plasma cutting enables you to process a wide bandwidth of material thicknesses. Even with very thick material, our plasma cutting technology achieves high cutting speed. In addition, the cost-efficiency of plasma cutting is a significant advantage.

This technology requires high-energy generation for the cutting process. Nevertheless, the cutting quality and process stability are guaranteed constantly. The greatest advantages of this thermal cutting technology are its limited heat affected zones and its high cutting speed.

As a pioneering developer in the field of automation, ProCom is offering solutions in plasma beam cutting customized to your needs. For further information about  CNC300 Hardware click here.

ProCom offers the following functions:

  • High definition and conventional plasma cutting
  • Joint compensation
  • Ignition distance set by parameters
  • Height control of the Z-axis
  • Nozzle exchange control by monitoring the ignition number and the effective cutting time
  • Fully automated or graphic interactive restart with automatic lead-in upon beam interruption
  • Graphic interactive starting point determination
  • Position correction of material by means of joystick and laser pointer
  • Control of various tools, such as drill bits, taps, scribers and printers
  • The machine can be equipped with two different cutting heads

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