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Laser Cutting

Control the laser cutting
process with high precision

Each cutting process opens up a range of specific advantages and new economic opportunities. Only full control of this technology allows optimizing the advantages and opportunities.

The challenge in laser cutting is about simultaneously maximizing of movement dynamics to fully exploit the cutting speed and mastering high-energy input to the material. The full potential of this technology can only be utilized through an advanced control technology. With an extremely accurate motion control, our laser cutting technology is particularly suitable for jobs requiring high precision. Through our control systems, you can achieve high cutting speed as well as a high edge quality.

Our specialists at ProCom fully grasp the laser cutting process and actively support your whole project (start up and optimization) with their expert knowledge. In cooperation with you, we develop innovative automatization solutions to increase the efficiency of your laser cutting machines. Our applications are easy to handle and will allow your clients to maximize profits in order to be a cut above any other business competitor.

Almost any format, material, batch and sheet thickness can be processed with laser cutting. For further information about  CNC300 Hardware click here.

ProCom offers the following functions:

  • Standard laser cutting and precision laser cutting
  • Fly Cut (Fast Cut)
  • Ping Pong Cut (Leapfrog Cut)
  • Cutting speed controlled laser power
  • Optical cutting path correction for CO2 laser
  • Automated slant correction through edge recognition
  • Parameter management (machine specific parameters, material parameters)
  • Quick on/off switching of laser beam
  • Integrated gas valve control (recipe management)
  • Touch cycle for the Z-axis (moving to the operating point)
  • Cut-in cycles based on adjustable parameters
  • Macros for program editing and cutting head control
  • Interface for collision protection with external sensor
  • Service mode for laser and gas systems
  • Graphic interactive starting point determination
  • Integrated dedusting control

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