Systematically record and analyze downtimes with Smart Filter

The Industry 4.0 Platform Clouver always has the entire production process in focus and provides the crucial information to optimize it sustainably.

Production managers generally know reasons for prolonged downtimes of a cutting machine. However, when the short downtimes add up, the causes of which are often not investigated, there is potential for optimization. 

With the new Smart Filter App, it is possible to gain a deeper insight into the production data. Not only messages from the control system and from sensors are visible that display machine statuses. With just one click, downtime reasons – which the machine operator has either selected from adjustable categories or entered himself as a comment – can be displayed. In this way, downtimes are systematically recorded and analyzed. Finally, suitable actions can be defined – for more productivity at lower costs.

A concrete example showed that, in addition to the known reason for regular tool changes, a main reason for downtime was an overflowing leftover crate, for which the safety fence had to be opened repeatedly. With this knowledge, the process was optimized in such a way, that the the crate can now be emptied safely even during ongoing production.

Clouver makes it possible that automatically recorded machine data can be enriched and evaluated with operator knowledge – knowledge from real intelligence.