Have all of the functions of your cutting machine in your hand with ergoCNC!

The ergoCNC offers an intuitive and modern touch interface. All of the functions can be used without a mouse or keyboard. The task-oriented approach ensures the relevant information and offers quick access to the required control systems.

The ergonomic user interface enables role differentiation according to user roles in the organisation, such as a distinction between the machine operator and the service personnel.

Different views can then be accessed, depending on the allocated role. With ergoCNC from ProCom, you have all of the operations under your control, from production planning to the finished product.

Not only is the interface helpful for the machine operator, but also for the machine manufacturer during the configuration or process and assembly and for those maintaining the machine.

ProCom thus offers you with this product a customised solution.

Functions in detail:

  • Manual and automatic performance of the cutting process
  • Interactive displaying of the cutting lines and the cutting progress
  • Various user roles and specific views
  • Task-oriented workflows
  • Production planning on the machine during cutting
  • Seamlessly integrated CAM, material data use, order administration (via Jobqueue)
  • Role-specific maintenance of parameters
  • Interactive movement of all axes
  • Professional visualisations of all system statuses
  • Depiction of automatic processes
  • Clear depiction of operating and process errors
  • Touch operation

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