Quickly create efficient cutting programmes with ergoCAM!

User-friendliness takes priority with ergoCAM. ergoCAM offers a clear and intuitive user interface, which only shows information and control modules that are relevant in the current context. It is thus easier for the user to focus on the respective task. 

Our CAM solution also supports you with all of the steps, from the order to the finished cutting line. The requirements specific for the application and the machine manufacturer are thus taken into account for every customer and the software is adapted accordingly.

Easily optimise your cutting program in order to achieve better quality and performance. You can insert individual parts, and move, rotate, scale and reproduce them with the mouse. What’s more, you are able to automatically create a cutting line for a cutting program and adapt this to your needs. You can also freely choose positions and corner joints, add strain points and rearrange the cutting sequences. It is possible to visually enhance the intermediate results at every step.

Through seamless integration in ergoCNC, it is possible to start the machines easily. The smooth manufacturing process for your company begins with optimum job preperation!

Functions in detail:

  • Intuitive operation with task specific user guidance
  • Importing of cutting contours
  • Automatic arrangement of cutting contours with minimal wastage
  • Automatic creation of the cutting line
  • Management and processing of remaining material
  • Manual post-processing of the arrangement
  • Application-specific post-processing and optimisation of the cutting line
  • Precise visual depiction of the cutting line/cutting programme
  • Support for technology-specific expansions (e.g. flying cut for laser systems)