Material Assistant

Optimally process every material

Selection and change of tools made easy.
With the material assistant from ProCom, any machine operator can quickly and easily make the right decision. Thanks to access to expert knowledge, the set-up times are reduced and the risk of errors is minimised.

The machine operator chooses the material to be cut and he gets an overview of the right tools.

Using the star reviews on the tiles, it is easy to see which procedure is the best one for the material to be cut. The machine operator can also make a selection based on contour type and strategy. In addition, it is possible to identify which tools are already equipped, or whether changes need to be made to the settings. 

Tool selection

Selection for cutting processes with big conturs and maximum precision

Best selection for mixed conturs with perfect quality


Best selection for tiny conturs and maximum speed

The tool is already assembled and can be used for cutting without editing the settings.

This means the tool is already assembled. Parameters will change automatically when using this tool for cutting.

A change of the tool is necessary.

Simply change the tool

Define the cutting progress for new materials

The material assistant uses data and information concerning the material or cutting progress stored on an data base. 

You can add and remove new materials whenever you want to, as well as the export and import of already existing materials. The best cutting progress can be defined by setting the specific tool and cutter fitting to the desired quality and conturs. After testing and rating the cutting progress you see the new and just defined progress in the interface of the material assistant.


Integration into the Cloud comming soon!