Securely connected – with EtherCAT, ProCom relies on one of the world’s most widespread fieldbus systems.

Every cutting process opens up a range of specific advantages and economical options. These advantages can only be exploited to a maximum with complete control of the technology.

EtherCAT has proven itself across industries as a connection between control systems, drives, sensors and actuators. All relevant drive, sensor, and actuator manufacturers support EtherCAT communication in their products.

The advantages speak for themselves:

  • High level of global acceptance
  • High performance
  • Ease of use
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio

Typically, our applications work with a cycle time of one millisecond. The product also stands out due to its high flexibility when connecting machine and control system functions.

Easy handling with EtherCAT thanks to the CNC300 Inspector from ProCom.

A variety of drives can be directly configured and optimised with this functionality using the EtherCAT bus while your machines are still running. The parameter backup is also possible. All detailed information can also be accessed during operation using remote maintenance. 

The advantages of the CNC300 Inspector at a glance:

  • Precise diagnosis of connection problems (e.g. loose cable connection)
  • Provides support during initial start-up, depiction of any differences between configured and real EtherCAT topology
  • Observation, monitoring and influencing of signals
  • Reading of detailed information by connected participants