CNC Core

The CNC core from ProCom

The brain of our modern control platform

The CNC core makes it possible for you to closely integrate CAM software, material databases and technology packages.

We at ProCom think in terms of specific technology and tools, so that you get the right software solutions specifically for your technology.

With our experience and with our own CNC core, it is possible for us to implement special requirements. As part of close development partnerships with our customers, we can also transfer our expert knowledge to technologies in your areas of application.

As a specialist for control development, we continually further develop cutting technology-specific algorithms for the applications that we support.

Functions in detail:

  • Interpolated conveyor processing with up to 16 axes
  • Processing of splines, NURBS, arcs, etc.
  • 2.5D contouring with additional bevel head cutting and swivel head kinematics
  • Cutting kerf compensation (value can be changed at any time, possible shortly before performance). Cutting programme does not have to be amended again.
  • Blending (the best possible blending strategy dependent on technology)
  • Our core enables the controlling of additional equipment (e.g. printer, drill)
  • Support for several cutting heads
  • Recording of relevant data during the cutting process and subsequent analysis to optimise the cutting results and for error analysis
  • NC/DIN programming in accordance with ISO 66025 in addition to processing of the market’s usual special formats and DXF
  • Jerk limitation to protect the machine mechanics and optimise throughput times
  • Time-optimised movement planning (look ahead)
  • Technology package for water jet cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting and foam cutting
  • CNC core enables controlling via external software (remote interface)
  • Simulation mode (simulation of the cutting process on a production planning computer)
  • Calculation mode (for cost calculation and planning of machine resources)
  • Collision supervision with regard to working space and the programmed cutting data

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