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Clouver SmartKit

Your quick wins thanks to smart sensor technology

Quick Wins with Clouver SmartKit

Connect your machines – whether old or new – to the cloud within 60 minutes. You do not need an external commissioner, interventions in the machine control are not necessary. The installation can be carried out easily and quickly by your company electrician. Of course, you will receive support from us via video or telephone, if neccessary. You can immediately collect valuable data for rapid increases in productivity.

The Architecture


Your machine status is read out via a current sensor, evaluated in Clouver and displayed graphically. In the operator interface (touch screen), the machine operator can select reasons for downtimes with a single click, so that potentials for improvement can be quickly identified. Additional sensors can be connected on request to extend the range of data. The connection is simple and intuitive. An intervention in the machine strukture is not necessary. We gladly support you via video phone call.


Your functions

Individual Dashboard

With Clouver you can uncover hidden production costs, minimize downtime and get a comprehensive real-time overview of all your production processes. The dashboard app allows you to customize the widgets for the functions you need. You can also export the extensive production data in order to significantly simplify your analyses, reports and production planning.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Through production performance and scrap rates, Clouver’s “OEE” app indicates drops in productivity that are due to downtime or temporary disruptions, thus allowing you to remedy the issues. Determine where and how exactly you can improve production efficiency.

Smart Filter

With the Smart Filter App you can get a deeper insight into the production data. With just one click, reasons for downtime - which the machine operator has either selected from adjustable categories or entered himself as a comment - can be displayed. This way downtimes are systematically recorded and specifically analyzed. Finally, suitable measures can be defined - for more productivity at lower costs.


You can have the productivity of an individual machine or a fleet of machines displayed at any time and receive notifications on your cell phone or tablet if production has come to a halt or if an intervention is required. This means you can act quickly and prevent unnecessary downtime.

Pricing & Return on Investment

Clouver SmartKit

Special price per machine
80 maximum, monthly per machine
  • Statistics & Controlling
  • Productivity & Bottleneck Analyses
  • Remote Diagnostics & Alarms
  • Benchmarking
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Fault Statistics & Reasons for Downtimes

Return on Investment within less than 6 months!
Calculate your personal ROI.

Often productivity increases of at least 10% are achieved in the first weeks of an I4.0 project. This means that the investment in Clouver pays for itself after just a few months. Calculate your personal estimated ROI here!

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Number of machines

Averaged machine hourly rate


1 100


1 500€

Productive days per week

Daily time of production


1 7


1 24h

Current productivity as estimated OEE value

The average of OEE values before optimization is approx. 60% and is preset here by default. If you know your OEE value, please correct it accordingly.

Expected relative improvement

An improvement of about 10% is usually achieved during the first project phase. Please try out different improvement targets to see the impact on your operating result.


0 100%


0 100%

Based on assumed investment according to list prices for SmartKit hardware (self-installation) and monthly license for the selected number of machines, worldwide Clouver access for viewing any location

Your annual potential (after amortisation)


Payback time in months


var machines= document.getElementById("machines").value; var hours = document.getElementById("hours").value; var estimate = document.getElementById("estimate").value; var costs = document.getElementById("costs").value; var week = document.getElementById("week").value; var growth = document.getElementById("growth").value; updateTotal(); function updateMachinesSlider(slidevalue){ document.getElementById("machines_value").innerHTML = slidevalue; machines= parseFloat(slidevalue); updateTotal(); } function updateHoursSlider(slidevalue){ document.getElementById("hours_value").innerHTML = slidevalue + "h"; hours= parseFloat(slidevalue); updateTotal(); } function updateEstimateSlider(slidevalue){ document.getElementById("estimate_value").innerHTML = slidevalue + "%"; estimate= parseFloat(slidevalue); updateTotal(); } function updateWeekSlider(slidevalue){ document.getElementById("week_value").innerHTML = slidevalue; week= parseFloat(slidevalue); updateTotal(); } function updateCostsSlider(slidevalue){ document.getElementById("costs_value").innerHTML = slidevalue + "€"; costs= parseFloat(slidevalue); updateTotal(); } function updateGrowthSlider(slidevalue){ document.getElementById("growth_value").innerHTML = slidevalue + "%"; growth= parseFloat(slidevalue); updateTotal(); } function updateTotal(){ var totalcosts =0; var invest = 0; var totalmonths; if(machines<= 4){ invest = (machines * 80 * 12 + 2000) + (machines * 1200); }else{ invest = (machines * 20 + 300) * 12 + (2000 + machines * 1200); } totalmonths = invest / (machines*costs*hours*week*(estimate/100)*(growth/100) * 4); totalcosts= machines * costs * hours * week * (estimate / 100) * (growth /100) * 52; document.getElementById("total_value").innerHTML = Math.round(totalcosts* 100)/100 + "€"; document.getElementById("total_value").innerHTML = Math.round(totalcosts) + "€"; }

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