OEE Workshop (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) – ONLINE

Are you aware of machine malfunctions or poor plant effectiveness and would like to remedy them? Do you need someone independent who can help you to bring your production plants to maximum performance?

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) provides a clear overview of what percentage of the available time was worked productively and with what quality. In this workshop you will learn how you can use this value as a speedometer for your entire company, not only increasing profitability but also securing jobs.

Part 1

First-hand OEE knowledge from the OEE Institute

As a participant, you will learn how to use simple means to determine the actual performance of your machine or entire production units and how to make hidden performance potentials visible. You will learn how an OEE measurement is structured and how the data is obtained and analyzed. You will recognize trends to prevent downtimes in the future.


Part 2

Clouver – OEE tool in the Industry 4.0 platform

In the second part of the workshop you will get an introduction to the Industry 4.0 platform “Clouver”. Clouver makes your production transparent, reveals hidden downtimes and their reasons and helps you to further increase productivity.

Just ask us your questions. Meet your expert live in a video conference.


Target group:

Persons responsible for the performance of machines and plants within an automated production, maintenance personnel, maintenance managers, production managers, as well as employees with responsibility for the production processes

You want:

    • Highest machine availability
    • Minimal Costs
    • Reduction of unplanned machine failures
    • Reduction of overtime and weekend work
    • Maximum overall system effectiveness 
    • Maximum productivity
    • Above average returns
    • Strong position in the market
Why production optimization is crucial (video)
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Further information

Your experts:

Heinz-Joachim Schulte
(Managing Director, OEE-Institute)

Matthias Winkelhoch
(Consultant Industry 4.0, ProCom)

Number of participants :

max. 3 persons


upon consultation


120 min


Video conference with MS teams


German or English


219 €



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