Quick Wins with OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Workshop in your production – in cooperation with OEE Institute

What development opportunities do your machines have within production?                        What methods can you use to significantly increase your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)?

Together with the OEE expert, you will develop solutions to reduce machine failures and other downtimes. These can usually be implemented quickly and often without a cent extra, so-called quick wins. After the OEE potential analysis, you will be able to derive measures with which you can work even more successfully in your production.

  • In advance: free telephone suitability test (duration: 30 min) 
  • 3 days analysis on site on your production line
  • First solution(s) with ROI in less than 3 months
Target group:

Persons responsible for the performance of machines and plants within an automated production, maintenance managers, production managers and employees with responsibility for production processes.

You want:

  • Highest machine availability
  • Minimal costs
  • Reduction of unplanned machine failures
  • Reduction of overtime and weekend work
  • Maximum overall plant effectiveness
  • Maximum productivity
  • Above-average returns
  • Strong position in the market

Part 1

Introduction of I4.0 platform “Clouver”

After a brief introduction to the basics of OEE, a ProCom IoT expert will show you a practical introduction to live production data analysis. On request, he can transmit your live machine status via a sensor connection in order to work directly with your specific production results. The I4.0 platform “Clouver” will demonstrate how, for example, downtimes can be proactively prevented or their causes can be investigated.

You will see how you can individually assemble and evaluate the data of your production with little effort.

Part 2

Now your production will be checked for unused effectiveness potentials, so that you can then immediateley start your optimization, if you wish.

What does the machine do – and what doesn’t?
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Availability potentials
  • Speed potentials
  • Quality potentials
  • Costs of downtimes
  • Costs for extra hours and additional shifts
  • Determination of the follow-up costs for machine failures
How much manufacturing potential is actually possible?
  • Showing hidden performance potential
  • Productivity calculation (target – actual comparison)
  • Development opportunities
  • Extrapolation of the sales possibilities
  • Potentials in the value chain
  • Potentials in delivery reliability
  • Potentials in cost reduction
What solutions are there, how are they implemented?
  • Short-term and quickly implementable solutions (quick wins)
  • Simple ways to increase productivity
  • Calculation of the profitability of optimizations
  • Ways to relieve maintenance
  • Pragmatic solutions with ROI in less than 1 week

More about OEE Institutes

More information:

Your experts:

Heinz-Joachim Schulte
(Founder, OEE Institute)

Matthias Winkelhoch
(Consultant industry 4.0, ProCom)

Number of participants:

max. 10 persons


By arrangement


3 days


At your place


German or English

On demand



About the OEE expert:

Heinz-Joachim Schulte, founder of the OEE Institute, has been travelling the world for over 40 years as an automation technician in the field of service, commissioning and maintenance in order to optimally integrate machines into production and reduce or avoid downtimes.

He has worked for many well-known companies such as Mercedes, VW, BMW, Philips, BRP-Rotax, GM, Ford, Siemens, IFA, Rotorion, KIA, Skoda, Gehring, SMS-Elotherm, Kerrygold, Miwe and numerous other renowned market leaders in your industry. And that all around the world.




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