IIoT Production Monitoring Platform


for a simple optimization of your production

IIoT Production Monitoring Platform

Monitor productivity. Minimize costs.
Increase efficiency.

Clouver, the industrial IoT production monitoring platform for the cutting industry, networks heterogeneous machines and makes production processes transparent. With the targeted data evaluation of Clouver, unused potentials of the entire textile and foam value chain become visible and productivity is sustainably optimised.

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Your benefits

Machine operator

Cost efficiency ●  Process optimization  ●  Increase in productivity 


  • Productivity gain
  • Cost saving
  • Benchmarking
  • Automated 24/7 controlling
  • Reporting / KPI
  • Shorter planning cycles
  • Plan maintenance proactively


  • Better overview of current production
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster response times
  • More security
  • Higher motivation

Machine manufacturer

Customer loyalty ●  Additional profits ●  Development benefits

Sales & Service

  • Fact-based sales arguments
  • New business models
  • Additional profits through IoT licenses
  • Selling spare parts on demand
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Extend service portfolio


  • Optimization of prototypes
  • Improvement of machine functions
  • Realtime-analysis and BDE



  • Role- and function-specific dashboarding of the operating and machine data
  • Statistics and controlling
  • Productivity, real-time, and bottleneck analyses
  • Remote diagnostics, early warning systems, and alarms
  • Benchmarking and production planning 
  • Monitoring and reporting (exports)
  • Smart Filter: Fault statistics and reasons for downtime


  • Predicitve maintenance using machine-learning
  • Display of individual maintenance parameters
  • Projection of spare part or maintenance demand
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Soft- and Hardware gateway for machine integration
  • Development of apps
  • Gateway connection via WLAN or LTE with remote access

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Make your production smart & efficent

Digitalisation has found its way into all production processes across all industries. With the use, companies increase their competitiveness through constant production optimisation. The connection of the entire production chain is often a major challenge due to the many, different and sometimes old machines. With Clouver, the Production Monitoring Platform, it is possible to visualise and analyse the data of ALL machines. This increases your productivity and you achieve a production level that ensures sustainable company growth!


Here you will find all relevant documents for download in PDF format. 

Brochure: IloT Production Monitoring Platform for the textile industry

Case Studies

Tracking international productivity​​​​

Foam manufacturing industry​​ ​

„Colleagues welcome the fact that the quality of their work is measured. Almost everyone gets up in the morning and goes to work to do a good job. That is now not only valued, but measured and rewarded beyond that.​​“, said one of the production managers.
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Productivity increase through continuous improvement (CIP)

Foam manufacturing industry

"The system ensures that everything runs smoothly in the long run. Process stability has many influences, new employees, continuous improvements and sometimes quite unexpected events. If there are deviations from the plan, I recognize it immediately," replied one customer when asked how important Clouver had become to him after one year.
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Driverless and autonomous machines

Energy production

In addition to saving time, immediate response to deviations in generation output saves cash. Within the scope of a manageable project, impressive benefit enhancements have been created. Both pure machine builders and machine operators benefit from the new functionalities.
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Find out about the possibilities that Clouver offers you in a free consultation with our IoT experts and get to know the IIoT production monitoring platform with a demo – free of charge and without obligation!

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Customer quotes

What customers said about Clouver

For over 80 years bullmer has been setting milestones in the development of cutting systems used worldwide in the composite, clothing, automotive, upholstered furniture and packaging industries. In cooperation with ProCom GmbH, we supply our customers with an industry 4.0 solution that is optimally tailored to our products and can relieve machine operators in many areas. Clouver provides valuable information for an increase in productivity and could thus give our customers a competitive edge.

Partners & Cooperations

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Online-Seminar: How to optimize your foam manufacturing

Here you can find out how a digitization project of foam manufacturing works and how you can increase performance in the shortest possible time. (German)


Video: How does Clouver work?

Here you can get a first impression of how Clouver provides you informative tips for production optimization in just a few clicks.

Workshop: Your personal Quick Wins with OEE

3 days on-site analysis at your production line: Together with the OEE expert you will work out solutions to reduce your production costs.

Online-Workshop: Using OEE

Learn how you can easily optimize your production with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to generate even higher throughput.

Questions and answers

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about Clouver here for you.
Please do not hesitate to ask us further questions at supoort@clouver.de

Your data is secure and will be saved in a Germany-based maximum security data processing service center. Encryption is done via TLS. You are free to determine the release of data for usage. “on-premise”-solutions in your own business and a local cloud edge are possible. Service availability pertains to 99,9%.

The following apps are available:

  • Dashboards
  • Device Management
  • Administration
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

We develop custom solutions in close consultation with our clients, such as material database and job-order costing.

With the aid of open programming interfaces, e.g. API, Clouver can be individually adapted to your existing IT-world.

Certainly, even machines without access to controlling software can be connected through an IoT-gateway. These older machines are linked directly via sensor technology. Here we offer our existing interfaces, such as MQTT, OPS UA or MODBUS.

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