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Clouver from ProCom is an Industry 4.0 product for cutting and related industries. With Clouver you make processes more transparent and production more efficient. Simply link your production with its digital image. This allows you to analyze production processes better, identify hidden production costs and detect bottlenecks in an early stage.

For over 80 years bullmer has been setting milestones in the development of cutting systems used worldwide in the composite, clothing, automotive, upholstered furniture and packaging industries. In cooperation with ProCom GmbH, we supply our customers with an undustry 4.0 solution that is optimally tailored to our products and can relieve machine operators in many areas. Clouver provides valuable information for an increase in productivity and could thus give our customers a competitive edge.



  • Role- and function-specific dashboarding of the operating and machine data
  • Statistics and controlling
  • Productivity, real-time, and bottleneck analyses
  • Remote diagnostics, early warning systems, and alarms
  • Benchmarking and production planning 
  • Monitoring and reporting (exports)
  • Smart Filter: Fault statistics and reasons for downtime


  • Predictive maintenance using machine-learning
  • Display of individual maintenance parameters
  • Projection of spare part or maintenance demand
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Software gateway for machine integration
  • Hardware gateway for machine integration
  • Development of apps

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Your benefits at a glance

Cost-Effectiveness ● Higher Flexibility  ●   Process Optimization ●  Increase in Productivity ●  Transparency


Clouver, the latest IoT-platform for industry 4.0 by ProCom, effectively links production and work processes of your business.


Clouver, the latest IoT-platform for industry 4.0 by ProCom, effectively links production and work processes of your business.


Clouver turns into a potent tool both for the machine operator and manufacturer assuring the successful advancement of your area of business.


Clouver enables your business to swifter and improved decision making based on a transparent depiction of key production data.

Highlights and Apps

Individual Dashboard

With Clouver you can uncover hidden production costs, minimize downtime and get a comprehensive real-time overview of all your production processes. The dashboard app allows you to customize the widgets for the functions you need. You can also export the extensive production data in order to significantly simplify your analyses, reports and production planning.

The Maintenance Monitor

Plan maintenance and spare parts requirements in due time and maximize machine availability. Using user-defined parameters, the “Maintenance Monitor” app’s predictive maintenance feature provides you with the data required to determine when maintenance or service is needed, thus minimizing downtime.


You can have the productivity of an individual machine or a fleet of machines displayed at any time and receive notifications on your cell phone or tablet if production has come to a halt or if an intervention is required. This means you can act quickly and prevent unnecessary downtime.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Through production performance and scrap rates, Clouver’s “OEE” app indicates drops in productivity that are due to downtime or temporary disruptions, thus allowing you to remedy the issues. Determine where and how exactly you can improve production efficiency.

Smart Filter

With the Smart Filter App you can get a deeper insight into the production data. With just one click, reasons for downtime - which the machine operator has either selected from adjustable categories or entered himself as a comment - can be displayed. This way downtimes are systematically recorded and specifically analyzed. Finally, suitable measures can be defined - for more productivity at lower costs.

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Video: Your access to Industry 4.0

This video will provide you with a first impression of how to gain revealing indications with a few clicks to optimize your production.
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More user videos that demonstrate the intuitive handling of Clouver are available upon request.

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Online workshop: Let OEE work for you

Learn, how to optimize your production and achieve a higher throughput with OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). This workshop will be held by an OEE expert and can be tailored to your needs.


Workshop: Your individual quick wins with OEE

3 day analysis on site: Together with your OEE expert you will create solutions to fruther reduce productions expenses. These can usually be realized quickly and without one cent extra, so-called quick wins.

Webinar (excerpt): What to achieve through Industry 4.0, networks and digitization?

Is Industry 4.0 just another hype? What use to expect from elaborate IoT projects? Learn more about the basics of Industry 4.0. (For English subtitles please select in the video menu on the bottom right.)
If you are intereseted in the full webinar record, please let us know and we will send it to you.

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Brochure: Clouver – clever. networked. proactive.

Read about the features and benefits Clouver has to offer you.

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We list frequently asked questions about Clouver here.
Please do not hesitate to contact should you have any further question.

1. Is my data secure?

Your data is secure and will be saved in a Germany-based maximum security data processing service center. Encryption is done via TLS. You are free to determine the release of data for usage. “on-premise”-solutions in your own business and a local cloud edge are possible. Service availablity pertains to 99.9%.

2. What are the exisiting apps?

  • Dashboards
  • Device management
  • Administration
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

We develop custom solutions in close consultation with our clients, such as material database and job-order costing.

3. How to integrate Clouver into my existing IT-world?

With the aid of open programming interfaces, e.g. API, Clouver can be individually adapted to your existing IT-world.

4. Can older machines be linked-up?

Certainly, even machines without access to controlling software can be connected through an IoT-gateway. These older machines are linked directly via sensor technology. Here we offer our existing interfaces, such as MQTT, OPC UA oder MODBUS .


ProCom has been developing custom automation solutions for machine manufacturers in the cutting and separating industry for over 35 years.

The development specialists at ProCom equip machine series with advanced CNC software and hardware as well as CAM solutions and provide the appropriate servo drive technology from world-renowned manufacturers. In-depth expertise in many different processes, such as water jet cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, foam contour cutting, and textile cutting combined with creativity and passion result in decisively better automation solutions.

The family-owned company invests in established, expandable market offerings in the European and Asian market and in forward-looking products and services for Industry 4.0.

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