Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 - the path to intelligent and flexible production

Industry 4.0 is constantly described as the fourth industrial revolution and is advancing into everyday life within our value creation chains. The increasing digitisation and the possibility of recording data decentrally and merging it centrally, that arises in parallel with this, is not yet a revolution.

However, the opportunities that arise from a targeted use of data extend into all industrial areas. Often, not only is the optimisation of parameters crucial for companies in competition, but also the use of all potential that arises is decisive for having an edge on the market. This megatrend must be recognised comprehensively by companies. 

For every individual, new insights and knowledge arise at all levels. Potential savings, workflow and forecasting reliability as well as disruptive business models are tapped into and tangible and often turn the market dynamics on their head.

Industry 4.0 begins with Clouver, the platform for the cutting industry.