ProCom GmbH is a successful family-run company with a clear growth and internationalisation strategy.

ProCom Automation offers systems with optimisation intelligence as software solutions for smart resource planning for tools, material and processes.

As a development specialist for cutting and separating procedures, ProCom has been equipping machine series with highly developed CNC software, hardware and CAM solutions for over 40  years. The company is investing both in this established, expandable area and in forward-looking services in the field of IoT-solutions with the technology Clouver “ready for Industry 4.0” in the European and Chinese markets.

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ProCom GmbH, founded in 1977, has been a development partner and series supplier within mechanical engineering for automation equipment for multi-axis contouring machines (2D- / 2½D-processing) and an Industry 4.0 specialist for the process chains, in which the cutting technologies are integrated, since 1982. We have been offering our own CNC solution with our own CNC core for 35 years and are a specialist for CAM applications.

Our customers are medium-sized companies, who use our solutions worldwide and greatly appreciate our professional consulting expertise and project work.

The products completely consist of parts and software components that are made in Germany. Machines with ProCom solutions work in a highly dynamic and precise way. A partnership program with the RWTH Aachen University provides ProCom with the opportunity to keep its hand on the pulse of the times and therefore to participate in the development of the latest technologies.

ProCom advises on central issues relating to energy production and trade in the Energy business unit. With process and IT expertise, ProCom advisers supervise the implementation of strategic requirements right through to operational service. IT solutions from ProCom ensure the optimum marketing of energy portfolios covering all time horizons and markets.

We employ over 100 people from 12 countries in the business units Energy and Automation at our sites in Aachen, Cologne, Berlin and Ningbo (China). ProCom is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and  ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Dr. Max Scheidt:
“Courage is good, but perseverance is better.

We are setting out on our path – and we will discover what is undiscovered. After all, for 40 years, we have been setting out on our path together with customers and employees in order to find solutions.

ProCom has the perseverance to provide the customer with the right innovative solutions in automation technology and the energy sector for decades.

We will continue to think ahead instead of just catching up.”

Our Team

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Dr. rer. pol. Max Scheidt

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“Every day, we work on making your machines even more efficient so that you can continue to play a leading role in the global competition.”

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Bernd Göttgens

Telephone: +49 241 51804 137
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“Our creativity and our process knowledge enable crucial stimulus for innovation that results in successful products.”

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Harald Müller

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“Our well-founded technological expertise is the basis for us finding the best solutions for your individual requirements.”

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Matthias Winkelhoch

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“Our Industry 4.0 platform provides customers access to the high potential of smart connections without developing new technologies by themselves. With our consultancy department we show customers how to benefit from this megatrend, by realizing solutions together.”

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Kai Haesser

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“With our professional expertise, we offer our customers solutions and maximise profits.”

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Christian Leutloff

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“Support will be provided by ProCom specialists in close exchange with Product Development and Consultancy.”

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Anette Höchst

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“We at ProCom provide support by specific specialists in close communication with product developers and consultants.“

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Simon Sittig

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“Our Team exists of experienced developers and engineers who always create powerful and innovative solutions, customized to the individual needs of our clients”

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Hermann-Josef Schellartz

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“The close and continuous communication with all colleagues from ProCom enables a targeted customer approchach. Therefore we are always close to the market and close to the customers. “

Research and Development

ProCom GmbH regularly engages its energy industry and automation business units in research projects supported by German federal and North Rhine Westphalian state public funding. Each of these projects is conducted with partners from industry and from academia, and ProCom has had a coordinating role in some of the projects. The research projects that are currently in progress are briefly described below:



The StoOPT.NRW project aims to develop new methods and IT tools to permit the maximized exploitation of the operational flexibilities of CHP and other composite systems by the use of stochastic improvement.

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The SINERGIEN project aims to use a novel coupling of commercially available simulation tools to create an overall cross-layer model of the smart grid architecture that can, for example, be used to evaluate operational and investment scenarios in relation to distribution-network extensions.

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The iHEM project is investigating how an intelligent home-energy-management system needs to be implemented so that energy consumption is minimized in a predictive operating mode with synergistic cooperation between all thermal and electrical components.

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The ROSVS project is developing robust optimization processes for plant inventories with predominantly renewable energy generators that guarantee stable grid operation despite uncertain factors and unplanned operating-reserve demands.

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The MaxiMMI project is investigating how even inexperienced users can operate complex production machinery intuitively, ergonomically and thus without stress by means of modern communication devices.

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Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Syben

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