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Foam Cutting

Foam Cutting

Each cutting process opens up a range of specific advantages and economic opportunities. Only full control of this technology allows optimizing the advantages and opportunities.

Whether precise cutting and trimming of contours, the horizontal and vertical cutting of panels or the finished processing of pre-cut parts – knife edge cutting for foam contour cutting enables you to do all this.

Achieve an increase in productivity at the highest quality level with the combination of the highest speed and excellent precision.

We at ProCom offer custom-fitting applications for this technology that make your cutting machines even more efficient. The decades-long partnership with our customers has enabled us to grow together with every challenge. Always facing the solution. For further information about  CNC300 Hardware click here.

ProCom offers the following functions:

  • Special cutting line production for the rotating knife
  • Special algorithm for knife edge cutting procedure
  • 2.5D cutting
  • Management of material parameters
  • ergoCAM integration 
  • Unsupervised night-time operation
  • Automatic sharpening of the knife
  • Knife guiding outside the contour
  • Replacement after knife breakage in the material
  • Graphically interactive replacement
  • Fully automatic or manual handling of materials
  • Automatic fixing of the block
  • Intelligent safety stop
  • Material-specific speed control
  • Integration in production lines via OPC
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