Aachen/Darmstadt, January 2023:

Next Level Production – the industrial IoT production monitoring platform Clouver from ProCom Automation is now available online in the ADAMOS STORE. The complexity and multitude of machines along a production chain impose enormous demands on the data evaluation of the machines – Clouver provides a suitable solution for this challenge. By cross-linking heterogeneous machine parks, the platform makes production processes transparent. Through targeted data evaluation, unused opportunities in the entire production chain become visible, and productivity is sustainably optimised.

Integration of Clouver into the ADAMOS marketplace

At Clouver, the focus lies on crosslinking the entire value chain. In this regard, there is a special focus on providing first-class service: from the first consultation to continuous business development consulting and after-sales support – ProCom’s experts are always available in case help or support is needed. The software provides comprehensive features for resource-saving, cost-efficient and productivity increasing production: such as energy monitoring, downtime analysis, preventive maintenance, OEE tracker and many other functionalities. Machine operators can now purchase the machine-independent cloud platform via the ADAMOS STORE and integrate it directly into their production. In addition, machine builders can sell Clouver to their customers as a digital product within the framework of an official partnership. Adding a digital IioT solution to the product portfolio is therefore an attractive option for machine builders to generate additional revenue.

Business and Enterprise Version

Through the ADAMOS STORE, ProCom offers two software versions: a business solution “Clouver Business” for cross-linking all machines in a factory and an enterprise version “Clouver Enterprise”, aimed at controlling and organising several production sites via one IT infrastructure. Both versions guarantee absolute data security. The user always has access to the live data of his production – no matter the location.

The benefits of Clouver’s software in an overview:

Customisable: Experts at ProCom are continuously developing new functions and apps to fulfil the customers’ individual needs for every industry.

Connectivity: Clouver can be used to connect every machine in a production chain. This provides the user with important information on bottlenecks and allows him to coordinate his machines in a targeted manner through clever production adjustments.

Universal: Both managers and machine operators can utilise this software to gather information on how to optimise the production process. An enormous amount of time is saved on both sides, which greatly simplifies the workflow.

Digital and sustainable: Documentation without the need for paper for user-friendly monitoring of processes to identify the potential for optimisation.

Quick start: All production machines are connected to the Clouver platform within a few hours.

Real-time information: All data can be accessed securely and flexibly, regardless of location.

“WIN-WIN-WIN situation” for ADAMOS, ProCom and the customers

Adam Pindur, Chief Sales Officer of ProCom Automation, envisions enormous benefits, especially from the customer’s perspective: “In the ADAMOS STORE, the customer can choose between two standard products. Additionally, we can configure individual features for him that he needs for his machines and his production, even downstream. In this way, each customer receives his individual standard product: as much standardisation as possible, as much individualisation as necessary. In this way, we create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, for ADAMOS, for us, and above all for our customers!”

Tim Busse, Managing Director ADAMOS, is also convinced that the ProCom software is an asset for the platform: “Clouver offers two unique advantages for customers: firstly, the fully comprehensive service of the ProCom experts to accompany them on their way to a digital factory, secondly, the option of customisation. In addition, the ADAMOS connecting technology makes it easy to add solutions from other providers. These things in particular – flexibility, simple expansion and focus on efficient use for the customer, make for a strong, digitalised industry.”

More information about Clouver

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ProCom Automation specialises in automated solutions for the cutting and separating industry. With more than 40 years of experience, ProCom’s specialists have developed high-tech control solutions consisting of CNC and CAM software, high-quality hardware and an optimised IIoT solution for the cutting industry.

Machine builders all over the world benefit from the incisively better automation solutions for a wide range of cutting processes such as knife, laser, waterjet, plasma, and foam contour cutting. By developing products based on market and customer needs, ProCom Automation realises unique features with significant added value and thus provides customers with a decisive competitive advantage for their success.

Clouver, the IIoT production monitoring platform, connects heterogeneous machine parks and makes production processes transparent. With the targeted data evaluation of Clouver, untapped potential becomes visible, and productivity is sustainably optimised.
Based in Aachen, Germany, the company has established itself in the European and Chinese markets and continuously invests in the further development and expansion of its product portfolios, as well as in forward-looking technologies in the field of digitalisation for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

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