On October 1st, 2020, the experts for Digital Transformation, PLM and Smart Factory of the allvisual gmbh from Schwetzingen and the Industry 4.0 team of ProCom have joined forces. allvisual drives the digital transformation with its customers by providing strategy & consulting services around the digital product and is an expert for the conception and implementation of modern solutions for intralogistics, production and maintenance with a focus on the employee 4.0.

In order to increase transparency and efficiency in production, it is a great challenge for many manufacturing companies to find a suitable system that can process the multitude of providers and protocols from the shop floor level and prepare them for the MES above. At this point, the ProCom IoT platform Clouver provides a universal interface for all higher-level systems, including the SAP ME and SAP MII systems used by allvisual. The IoT platform is able to collect all production data from machines, devices and sensors. These are integrated into the respective SAP systems and processed there. If desired, Clouver’s own user interface with individual dashboards and analyses of the production data can also be used and, in turn, integrated with SAP through allvisual implementations. SAP users, but also companies that rely on MES systems from other providers, receive a lean IoT solution with a manageable investment and prompt productivity increase. allvisual and ProCom always align their joint optimization solution with the individual tasks and ROI goals of the customer, so that the customer can quickly and directly benefit from the advantages of Industry 4.0.

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At this time, many companies are in the process of reorientation and planning for the future. They see the crisis as an opportunity to advance digitization (VDMA, 2020) and to use new business models, e.g. based on the IoT, to get out of the crisis unscathed (Microsoft, 2020). However, they often have to maintain liquidity and save costs at the same time.

The SmartKit is an addition to ProCom’s Industry 4.0 platform “Clouver”, which enables a quick return on investment, usually within a few months. Using intelligent sensor technology, important data of your machines – whether old or ultra-modern – can be quickly determined with minimal installation effort. The machine operator can manually refine this data via touch panel, for example by selecting reasons for downtimes. In Clouver, users can then find a live digital image of their production, visually prepared in individually designed dashboards. The first measures for production optimization can then often be initiated immediately, so that they quickly benefit from higher productivity. In this way, the modest initial investment is quickly returned. After that, more profit remains and at the same time the first step is taken into the IIoT world of tomorrow.

Users of Clouver…

… identify hidden costs

… maximize productivity and plant efficiency

… always have their key figures in view and can react faster


This is made possible by professional applications like:

  • Productivity, real-time and bottleneck analysis
  • Remote diagnostics, early warning systems and alarms
  • Error statistics and reasons for downtime
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Benchmarking and production planning
  • Automated production contronlling 24/7

” ‘The more digital the industrial companies are, the faster they will recover from the consequences of the shutdown’. (Berg, 2020) 94 percent [of companies] see Industry 4.0 as the prerequisite for maintaining the competitiveness of German industry. ” (Bitkom, 2020)


The Industry 4.0 Platform Clouver always has the entire production process in focus and provides the crucial information to optimize it sustainably.

Production managers generally know reasons for prolonged downtimes of a cutting machine. However, when the short downtimes add up, the causes of which are often not investigated, there is potential for optimization. 

With the new Smart Filter App, it is possible to gain a deeper insight into the production data. Not only messages from the control system and from sensors are visible that display machine statuses. With just one click, downtime reasons – which the machine operator has either selected from adjustable categories or entered himself as a comment – can be displayed. In this way, downtimes are systematically recorded and analyzed. Finally, suitable actions can be defined – for more productivity at lower costs.

A concrete example showed that, in addition to the known reason for regular tool changes, a main reason for downtime was an overflowing leftover crate, for which the safety fence had to be opened repeatedly. With this knowledge, the process was optimized in such a way, that the the crate can now be emptied safely even during ongoing production.

Clouver makes it possible that automatically recorded machine data can be enriched and evaluated with operator knowledge – knowledge from real intelligence.

Equipping medical staff with suitable protective clothing is one of the most important success factors in coping with the corona crisis. However, the lack of protective suits and masks is still huge. For this reason, i.a. the consulting company Gherzi Group, the manufacturer of orthopedic products Sporlastic, the film manufacturer RKW, the nonwoven fabric machine manufacturer Reifenhäuser, the textile technology institutes in Aachen and Chemnitz, as well as other partners have joined forces in the “FIGHT” consortium in order to set up a production of FFP2 protective masks. The cutting of the textile parts for the protective masks is carried out on cutting machines equipped with the professional CNC control systems of the development specialist ProCom GmbH in Aachen.

“The cutting for the protective masks with the ProCom controller runs with a very high throughput and excellent quality. We were supported by ProCom very quickly and unbureaucratically during the implementation of the project, so that we were able to start production immediately”.  (“Fight” Coordinator, Adjunct Prof. PD Dr.-Ing. Yves-Simon Gloy, Gherzi van Delden GmbH)

The production of the masks, which was launched within only two weeks, is already in progress and will initially achieve a volume of approximately 750,000 masks per week. The masks are approved and certified by Dekra and the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The longer-term production goals are many times higher.


Further information:


Textile Network


Sporlastic GmbH

Gherzi van Delden GmbH

Adjunct Prof. PD Dr.-Ing. Yves-Simon Gloy, Gherzi van Delden GmbH – Member of Gherzi Textile Organisation

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all confronted with a dynamic and difficult situation. Our families, friends, customers, employees and communities have been dramatically affected by the impact of the virus and its impact on the global economy. We would like to share with you how ProCom is responding to this new situation.
We have installed a prevention team at an early stage and have started to provide employees with advice and measures to protect themselves and others in the best possible way.
On 12 March, ProCom rehearsed the expected emergency and sent all employees to their home office. As the résumé of the day was very positive, our teams have been working from home since 16 March. We have reduced business trips to an absolute minimum until further notice. This means that our contact with you in the near future will be by telephone and digital – definitely but not less. We have adapted our working hours to the situation and made them more flexible. ProCom works less in absolute terms, so that parents, for example, can supervise their children more easily. The planning of the teams guarantees continuous availability and coverage of all customer needs. In these times, ProCom thus focuses even more on its core tasks and issues. We let rest processes that do not serve the concrete operational business aside and the reduced travel activity helps to increase time reserves in order to maintain smooth operations despite reduced working hours for our customers and partners.

At a glance:

We hope that you and your families, employees, and all other partners are and stay healthy! We would be happy to discuss with you the effects the Corona pandemic may have on you and our joint business. Our employees have started to contact customers and partners personally. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Your ProCom Team