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  • 1982: Based on the DEC PC 325 ProCom develops a CAD/CAM/CNC solution with spline-based geometrical data processing. Their first application is the automation solution for contour cutting machines, following the far less flexible master plate copying process. The development creates a starting point for one of our longest and most successful development partnerships. Subsequently, the model proved to be similarly successful even in other areas of technology.
  • 1984: First cutter control solution for the cutting of (technical) textiles.
  • 1985: IBM PC based CAD/CAM/CNC solution with plug-in card for CNC data processing. This makes ProCom one of the first companies utilizing today´s state of the art PC technology for automation purposes.
  • 1990: Introduction of the CNC300 in standardized 19“ housing (6 HE). The standardized housing simplifies the installation in a control cabinet. The reduction to 4 HE in the year 1996 represents another step forward.
  • 1994: Plasma cutting – ProCom introduces a technology package for plasma cutting on the market. A first step in control technology for sheet metal machining.
  • 1996: ProCom integrates SERCOS as digital control bus in their products. 
  • 1998: Expansion of the CAM solution for interactive and fully automated routing.
  • 1999: Conjointly with a machine tool manufacturer, ProCom develops a CNC solution for a 6-axes grinding machine for milling tools resulting in a productivity improvement of 30 %.
  • 2001: Expansion of the CAM solution with a fully automated smoothing of digitized contours by means of G2 continuous splines. This increases the processing speed and to simultaneously reduces machine wear.
  • 2002: Waterjet cutting – ProCom masters water jet cutting and offers solutions for material processing with pure and abrasive water jets.
  • 2003: Market introduction of a self-contained CAM product for 2D cutting technologies. ProCut offers an efficient preparation of the job. The user chooses where the preparation is done – either at the machine itself or in the office.
  • 2003: ProCom continuously works on the improvement of contour machining. A further milestone is the introduction of a time-optimized motion control with a sin²-shape acceleration characteristic within the CNC.
  • 2004: Laser cutting – ProCom routinely develops new cutting technologies. After plasma and water jetcutting, ProCom introduces a solution for laser cutting in this year.
  • 2005: A single provider for full automation solutions – ProCom becomes a certified Bosch Rexroth System Integrator. Thus, as a one-stop provider, ProCom supplies an integrated solution consisting of ProCom CNC and CAM products, supplemented by Bosch Rexroth drive technology.
  • 2006: Partnership with Mitsubishi Electric – ProCom expands its portfolio by adding offerings with Mitsubishi drive technology. In the course of this step, Mitsubishi Electric certifies ProCom as the first company outside Japan for the drive bus SSCNET.
  • 2007: Introduction of the CNC200: The control system to be mounted on a standard mounting rail is designed for machines with up to 16 interpolating axes.
  • 2011: ProCom launches the CNC300ET, characterised by its compact shape. Drives and peripheral equipment are controlled via EtherCAT.


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